St. Mary’s Bank has announced a $2,700 grant to the Franco-American Centre to support the infrastructure needed for organization and storage of FAC materials . “New Hampshire has a very rich and long multicultural history and we recognize the need to preserve it for future generations,” said Ronald H. Covey, Jr., St. Mary’s Bank President and CEO. “We are pleased to support the mission of the Franco American Centre and its plans for the future.” Since the Franco-American Centre’s move from Concord Street in downtown Manchester to the campus of St. Anselm College, sales inventory has been stored in one large trailer. A second trailer has been donated to hold inventory, but work must be done to renovate them as one unit. “We have the opportunity to increase our service to the Franco community by selling books, specialty products, and pieces of art from North American and European artists,” says Centre President Raymond Houle. With the donation of shelving from the college, the services of a web specialist to expedite on-line sales, and with a parcel of campus land to accommodate this sales unit, the grant from St. Mary’s Bank “will put this opportunity together for us,” said Houle.