2014-lecture-kevinroyTitle: Who and Where Did We Come from: Our Faith, Heraldry, and Tradition – A Franco-American Time Line

Speaker: Kevin C. Roy

Date: Tuesday, May 20 at 7:30pm

Location: The West Wing conference room, New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Saint Anselm College

Kevin C. Roy holds Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Theology from St. John’s Seminary Boston. He is a Deputy Sheriff at the Lowell Community Corrections Center. Since 2011, he has been President of the Franco-American Day Committee in Lowell, Massachusetts. Kevin is married with four children, and has lived in North Billerica, Massachusetts, for 45 years.

His general interests include the French monarchy and its history, French medieval religion, and polyphonic music. His special interests are French-Canadian/Franco-American history, culture, music, and traditional dance, as well as French religious and secular heraldic symbols, and Vexillology (study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags) .

Kevin’s talk will cover topics such as: Are we losing our French-ness? Do we need a better understanding of Je me souviens!, Quebec’s official motto? What do we know about our Franco-American heritage and culture? How did our traditional faith become an integral part of what defines French, French-Canadian, or Franco-American?

To quote Kevin, “What have we ‘known’ all our lives, but never understood or knew its origins? Most of us have probably taken it all for granted. I propose that we say Je me souviendrai! and get back on track.”