The Absolute Beginner classes are intended for the student with no previous knowledge of French.  The student will learn basic conversational skills, such as greetings, descriptions, and other basic survival skills in the language (asking directions, traveling, day to day vocabulary needs).  The student will learn to communicate in the present, past and future, and be introduced to francophone culture.

Fall Session

Learn how to: Pronounce French words correctlyIntroduce yourselfTalk about the time and dateTalk about the weather and seasonsExpress likes and dislikes
Grammar: Subject pronounsConjugating regular verbs in the present tenseConjugating the irregular verbs to be and to have


 Winter Session

Learn how to: Say what people are or are not doingExpress a variety of actionsSay where you are going or where you want to goTalk about yourself and othersIdentify body partsDiscuss daily lifeAsk directions

Ask questions

Say what will happen in the future

Grammar: More present tense regular verbsConjugating irregular verbs in the present tenseAdjectivesReferring to events in the futureDefinite and indefinite articlesNegationAsking questions using inflection and est-ce que


Spring Session


Learn how to: Talk about what belongs to you and othersTalk about your family and homeTalk about and order foodDiscuss a variety of activities and actions
Grammar: Possessive adjectivesMore irregular verbs in the present tenseContractions


 Summer Session

Learn how to: Talk about more food, restaurants, and French specialty shopsTalk about and buy clothingDiscuss a variety of activities and actionsTalk about past events
Grammar: More regular and irregular verbs in the present tensePrepositionsIndefinite articles in the negativeIntroduction to the passé composé