At the FAC, we are very fortunate to have dedicated interns join our team every semester and summer. They, along with our volunteers, are at the foundation of the Centre’s success in promoting French language culture and heritage throughout New Hampshire and beyond.

Want to intern with the FAC? Email your resume and cover letter to [email protected] .

Current Interns:


Katelyn Dubreuil, University of New Hampshire Manchester

My name is Katelyn Dubreuil and I am an intern for the Franco-American Centre for the Spring semester. I will be working on event coordination and promotion, as well as helping with the social media accounts. I am so excited to be working with the FAC and I am super grateful for this experience. I am in my last semester at University of New Hampshire Manchester and I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Jasmine Grace, High School Intern

Bonjour! My name is Jasmine Grace, and I am currently a high school sophomore. I am writing the Franco-American Centre’s blog (among other things), and sincerely enjoy this opportunity to learn about French culture in New England and around the world. It’s great to be working with the motivated and knowledgeable people who run this organization. I’m learning French in school and became involved with the FAC when I began to help organize the monthly Teen Prêt-à-Parler event. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to work with the FAC! 

Kaleb Houle-Lawrence, High School Intern

Bonjour tout le monde! My name is Kaleb Houle-Lawrence and I am a high school sophomore. Along with Jasmine, I am in charge of writing a bimonthly blog post for the Franco-American Centre. I will be helping plan various events with the other interns as well. I chose to intern with FAC because I have a deep-seated passion for both the French language and French culture. Being able to blog about something I am so passionate about is certainly an incredible opportunity. FAC is truly home to the physical representation of this passion, including the group Teen Prêt-à-Parler, which I helped develop and continue to help run on a monthly basis. FAC really is a place for self-development and discovery, which I have found to be crucial during my relationship with the organization and its leaders. I am honored to intern with this organization and the wonderful team behind the scenes of it all. 

Joseph Pellegrino, University of New Hampshire

Bonjour, my name is Joe Pellegrino and I am a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire. As a graphic designer, I’ve created merch, various illustrations, social media posts, event materials, and graphics for the FAC website. Having run multiple online stores for eight years now, I’ve accumulated comprehensive knowledge of the adobe suite. This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom. The Franco American Centre has allowed me to take my graphic and web design skills to the next level. It’s been an amazing experience, and has had much to offer in terms of experience. Everyone working at the FAC have been truly fantastic as-well, making it all the more worthwhile.


Chloe Rich, Southern New Hampshire University

My name is Chloe Rich and I am a senior at Southern New Hampshire University. I’m currently studying Marketing with a minor in Business Analytics and I’ll be graduating in December of 2021. I’m working with the Franco American Centre on Marketing, Communications and Analytics with a main focus on social media. Some projects I have been working on are French Word Wednesday and Fun FACt Friday, two social media campaigns aimed at sharing French language and history with our followers. I am also working on virtual events for the FAC to host throughout the Spring term and a newsletter that encompasses blog posts by other interns and other aspects of French culture like fashion, food, entertainment, and more. I look forward to all this internship will bring me!

Cassie Rowett

My name is Cassie Rowett and I am an intern for the Franco-American Centre for the Spring semester. I graduated in May 2020 with a Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing. I will be working on writing grants and editing blog posts for Franco-American Centre. I am excited to work with the FAC and I am looking forward to working with them.

Katie Roy, Southern New Hampshire University

For the Fall and Spring semesters, I have been interning for the Franco-American Centre! I have worked on the 30th anniversary video, advertisements and French speaking videos! I thoroughly enjoy working with the FAC and also learning more about French culture and history while working on marketing materials. I am currently in my last semester at Southern New Hampshire University and will be graduating in May with my bachelor’s degree in Marketing!

Angelina Zajac, University of New Hampshire

Hi everyone, my name is Angie! I am a junior at the University of New Hampshire and I’m majoring in communication with business and am minoring in design. I enjoy hanging out with friends and spending time in the great outdoors. I am excited to join the FAC and can’t wait to see what this semester brings!

Past Interns:

Aaron Mitchell, University NH, Manchester
Abby Snarski, St Michael’s College
Alexa Mayo, University of NH
Alexander Curran, Colby-Sawyer
Alexis Emonds
Amber Kahn, Southern NH University
Andrew Remington, AmUParis
Ashley Chapman, KSC
Ayman Elsayed
Chaimae Naanai, Southern NH University
Chelsea Rodgers, University NH, Manchester
Chris Suosso, Southern NH University
Chris Gallier, Saint Anselm College
Colin Filiault, Southern NH University
Corinne Galarneau, Saint Anselm College
Daniel Black, Saint Anselm College
Deanna DeFelice, Saint Anselm College
Dylan Lindstrom
Elena Freedman
Elizabeth Yelle, Endicott
Elizabeth Lemieux
Emily Lavoie
Emily Gillespie, Saint Anselm College
Emily Murphy, Southern NH University
Erica Hudson, Saint Anselm College
Erin Eldridge, Marist
Faith McEvoy
Fay Nayansarora, Southern NH University
Gabriel Jacques, Saint Anselm College
Gwen Kalasky
Hailey Tremaine, Southern NH University
Jacques Omubu, Okuka
Jamie Roy, Southern NH University
Jason Camardi, Southern NH University
Jennifer Irving, Wheaton
Joseph Lulka, U of AL
Katie Roy, Southern NH University
Kayleigh LaSalle, University NH, Manchester
Keely Messino, Southern NH University
Kevin Guimond,
Kyle Despres
Lamienne Faverdieu, Plymouth State University
Lucas Trimmer, Saint Anselm College
Madeline Reno
Mallory Vasquez
Maryam Abdi, University NH, Manchester
Meghan Herrick, Plymouth State University
Michelle Boucher, Endicott
Oskar Hirte, Campbell High School
Rebecca Leboeuf, Southern NH University
Rebecca Mullen, Saint Anselm College
Robert Carr
Ronan O’Callahan, Saint Anselm College
Sam Ennis
Samantha MacKenzie, University NH, Manchester
Sarah Dalton, Saint Anselm College
Shannon Kinsella, University NH, Manchester
Shannon Meeks, Plymouth State University
Victoria DiPippo, University NH, Manchester
Wyndee Man, Southern NH University