At the FAC, we are very fortunate to have dedicated interns join our team every semester and summer. They, along with our volunteers, are at the foundation of the Centre’s success in promoting French language culture and heritage throughout New Hampshire.

We encourage students who have an interest in helping out to contact us.  Some French language skills are helpful but not required. We are currently actively looking for students either majoring or interested in the following fields and activities:

  • Public Relation
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Graphic design
  • Grant research and writing
  • Educational Programing
  • Many other opportunities

Want to intern with the FAC? Email your resume and contact information to [email protected] or call us at 603-641-7114.

Current Interns:

Alexis Emond, Southern NH University

Hello, my name is Alexis Emond. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with minors in Video Production, Fine Arts, and Graphic Design at Southern New Hampshire University. I had the pleasure of interning with the Franco-American Centre in the spring of 2019 working on Marketing and Communications. This internship has helped me not delve deeper into French culture, but expose me to many professionals in this community. One of the most important things that I have learned in my time here is the inner workings of how a non-profit functions. I would love to continue working with non-profit organizations in the future.  I am extremely grateful for all of the knowledge and connections that FACNH has helped me obtain in these past months.


Sam Ennis, Saint Anselm College

My name is Sam Ennis and I am originally from Bethel, Vermont and am currently a second semester senior at Saint Anselm College where I double major in politics and history. While my experiences thus far have been in local, state, and national levels of government, I am interning with the Franco-American Centre as a marketing and corporate development intern. Some of the projects I have been working on include blog posts, sponsorships for Poutine Fest 2019, and securing in kind donations for the FAC auction in the fall. I will also be working on bringing the FAC to LinkedIn so stay tuned! While I have not studied French, I enjoy learning about various cultures and their various customs. I also was born in Newport, VT just over the border from Canada and although I was young when I lived there, I remember the close interaction between citizens from both the U.S. and Canada. I look forward to working with the many people involved with the FAC and learning about many French customs and traditions.


Colin Filiault, Southern NH University

My name is Colin Filiault and I’m a marketing student at Southern New Hampshire University. I decided to take on working with the Franco-American center in order to get a chance to better see what cultural programs looked like in my local community, as well as get the chance to gain some valuable marketing experience. Working with my supervisors has been great so far, and there’s always some valuable things to learn each week, all the while getting a feeling that you’re helping to promote a great cause. I am definitely excited to see what paths will open up before me thanks to my time here.


Corinne Galarneau, Saint Anselm College

Bonjour, my name is Corinne Galarneau and I am currently majoring in international business and marketing at Saint Anselm College. I was born and raised in the Northern suburbs of Montreal and I grew up speaking only French. My passion for my own French identity and the desire to learn more about the business prospective of a non-profit organization, led me to intern at the Franco-American Centre during the Spring of 2019. I intend to pursue a career working for a non-profit and FAC has helped me so much acquire intel on how to promote to a diversified target market as well as having a different business perspective on how to recruit members and retain them. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!


Joe Scala, Plymouth State University

My name is Joe Scala.  I am currently a junior at Plymouth State University with a major in French and a double minor in Anthropology and Applied Linguistics. I began interning with the Franco-American Center during the Spring of 2019. I’m from East Wakefield New Hampshire and have been speaking French for almost 12 years. I was attracted to working with the FAC because of the community based philosophy that they have with all the work that they do. I have a strong passion for speaking French and found that the FAC was able to help me better understand the current and past speakers of French in NH. In the past I have spent some time in Québec with friends and found it to be a completely different world compared to New Hampshire and even New England. After my visits to Canada my love and passion for French grew along with a new passion for French culture and heritage. The FAC focuses on both of those passions and I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside some great people who are spreading those passions across NH and New England.





Past Interns:

Michelle Boucher

Michelle Boucher

My name is Michelle Boucher and I am currently a sophomore attending Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. I am majoring in finance at Endicott’s Gerrish School of Business. I had the honor of working with the Franco-American Centre’s amazing volunteers and staff as an intern during the summer of 2015 (June – end of August). As an intern, I was able to use my technological skills to create a presentation for the annual FAC Incorporator’s Meeting which was presented by Executive Director John Tousignant. I also helped organize the annual Golf Tournament, and I was involved in helping set up for the Halfway to Mardi Gras event and the Family Fun Day. Being part of the FAC gave me the opportunity to grow in many ways. I was able to network with some phenomenal people I never would have known otherwise, and it advanced my knowledge of how business works in the real world. It was a privilege working for such talented and passionate individuals in such a fun and laid-back environment, and I would recommend that others not pass up on the amazing opportunity at the Franco-American Centre.


Sarah Dalton

I started interning for the Franco-American Centre in the spring of 2013. I am a senior at Saint Anselm College where I am pursuing a dual major in French and International Business. I’ve worked on many projects with the FAC but I’ve been most heavily involved in our Half-Way to Mardi Gras parties and the La Vie en Clothes Fashion Show. I’ve enjoyed working here so much because it’s amazing for me to combine gaining skills and knowledge for my future career and my love of French culture at the same time.





Victoria DiPippoVictoria DiPippo

I interned with the FAC from January 2013 to May 2013 and again January 2015 to May 2015.

I graduated from UNH Manchester in May, 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in French History, Culture and Language. I currently, live in Houston, TX, while continuing my education.

During my tenure with the FAC, I worked on:

  • Mois de la Francophonie – Art Gallery
  • Half-Way to Mardi Gras
  • Mardi Gras
  • Fete de la St. Jean-Baptiste
  • Francophone Fun at UNH Manchester (a musical presentation)
  • Assisted with La Vie en Clothes – French Fashion Show
  • Volunteered at the annual Golf Tournament

I enjoyed many aspects of my internship, my favorite being working with the members of the Franco-American Centre. Through this internship I learned how to work well with others, and improved my French language skills working with many different members of the Francophone community. I also enjoyed the “Mois de la Francophonie” where I was introduced to many influential people in the Francophone community.


Erica Hudson

Erica Hudson

Bonjour! My name is Erica and I’m a sophomore at Saint Anselm College. I am double majoring in International Relations and French. I interned with the Franco American Centre during the fall of 2015. During my internship I helped organize the fashion show, La Vie en Clothes that was put on in November 2015. I also helped make preliminary plans for a poutine festival. Additionally, I worked many events including Beaujolais Nouveau and Soirée de Noël. From completing this internship I learned how a non-profit organization functions and the key steps in planning an event. More importantly, I gained professional skills that I will use throughout the rest of my career. Currently, I’m completing a semester abroad in Grenoble, France, living and learning the ways of the French.


Rebecca Leboeuf

Rebecca Leboeuf
As the Communication Intern at the FAC for the Spring 2016 semester, this has been my first internship experience. A sophomore at Southern New Hampshire University, majoring in communication, I used my graphic design and writing experience to contribute to the changing look of the FAC website. My biggest project was in creating a newsletter, where I did the research, the layout, and the writing for it. I have also designed many of the sliders for the FAC homepage, among other graphics and writing tasks. I have always been interested in different cultures, from the language, to the art, to the food, and interning at the FAC has helped me explore all this and learn more about my French-Canadian heritage.



Rebecca Mullin

Rebecca Mullin

I decided to intern with the FAC because I am an International Business major with a French minor.  I use this as an opportunity to combine these two subjects, and see what a career with them both would be like.  I am a senior at Saint Anselm College, and will be graduating in May 2016.  I’ve worked on the majority of the events the FAC has held throughout the actual school year.  I attend all of the events I can, and help with whatever is needed!  Right now I am spear heading a Poutine Festival that the FAC will be having in the spring.  I have really enjoyed working with the FAC because it has shown me that I do indeed like my major, and that I want to further my career in International Business and French, but I have also loved working for a small organization where I have had the opportunity to truly be involved with the FAC and become a part of everything it stands for.


Emily K. Murphy

Emily K. Murphy

Despite my very Irish last name, I had a great time interning with the FAC!  Over the summer of 2015, I wrote marketing materials, helped organize Family Fun Day, and worked various Centre events.  I’m currently a sophomore studying creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University. It can be hard to find writing opportunities in today’s job market, but at the FAC I was able to select projects that directly related to my major.  My favorite part about the FAC internship was walking away with relevant experiences I can take into my chosen field.


Ronan O’Callaghan

Ronan O’Callaghan







Jacques Okuka

My name is Jacques Okuka and I am a junior at Southern New Hampshire University. I am currently studying communications and sports marketing. I applied to intern with the Franco American Center because I felt like it will be a great fit for me. I loved how it promotes French culture in Manchester and the greater New England area. Not only, did I find that interesting, but I also found it to be something that I may pursue. Coming from a French speaking country myself, this was a not a hard decision because I get to do something that’s in my major, and combining it with a French speaking organization was a plus. I would definitely recommend Franco American center to anyone whose is interested in learning about the French culture and about marketing.


Abigail Snarski
Abby Snarski

I interned with the Franco-American Center from June-August 2015 and 2016. I am currently in my third year at Saint Michael’s College, where I study French and English. For the spring 2016 semester, I am heading to Paris, France, where I will be taking French courses at the Institut Catholique de Paris through the French Language and Culture Program with API (Academic Programs International).

Throughout the summer with the Franco-American Centre, I diligently attended both intern and program committee meetings, which allowed me to keep updated with the progress of current events and activities presented by the Centre. I also participated in all of the Festival D’Été events put on by the FAC, such as La Fête de la Saint Jean, La Cave aux Vins, Halfway to Mardi-Gras, and Family Fun Day. My job at these events depended on the nature of the event itself, but I generally would arrive early to help set up for the event, sell FAC t-shirts and other merchandise, register and pass out appropriate materials to guests, and, in the case of La Fête Saint Jean, serve food and drinks to guests as well as clean up each course afterwards. I would normally stay later to assist in taking down each FAC display table and also in cleaning up the venue if necessary.

During the first half of the summer, I was assigned to aid Doris St. Pierre in the coordinating and running of the first annual French Kids Camp, which made great use of my research skills, as well as my French and communication skills. Additionally, I helped to plan the upcoming French Adventures Series with Jo-Ann Belanger, calling potential kid-friendly businesses in the hopes of getting them to host the FAC. I also solidified the first French Adventure of the year with the Audubon Centre, and was able to type up a promotional flyer for the event to be displayed at other FAC activities. Finally, I, along with Emily Murphy, was able to lead a French sing-along at Family Fun Day. I also responsible for activities at the Family Fun Day such as the coloring/activities table which allowed me to converse with families and their children about the Centre to help further inform people about the FAC and contribute to its growth as a whole.

Overall, I loved interning at the FAC because I got to use my French and communicate with fellow Francophones and Francophiles! What I enjoyed the most was being able to collaborate with fellow FAC members and interns to plan events that were unique, inclusive, and fun!


Chelsea Theriault








Elizabeth Yelle

I am currently in my junior year at Endicott College where I major in International Studies and minor in Business Management. I interned with the FAC during the summer of 2015.  During that time, I participated in the Festival d’Été evens:  Cave aux vins, Family Fun Day and Halfway to Mardi Gras.

Through my internship with the FAC, I was able to connect with the French heritage in the area as well as meet and speak with native French speakers and prominent individuals in the Franco-American community in the Manchester area.