Beaujolais Nouveau is a holiday that involves heavy advertising, along with an intense race to grab the latest bottle from around the world.

The holiday itself is on November 16th, with the wine being made from the Beaujolais region of France, and fermented for a very short amount of time—given it’s short fermentation, saving the wine for a later date is futile, since it doesn’t taste well as it ages, and is recommended to be consumed immediately, and is typically made for quick consumption. The color of the wine, a purple-pink color, is due to how young it is in terms of fermentation.

This holiday came about during the end of the harvest, until; World War II, it was only for local use. According to the Appellation d’origine Contrôlée, or AOC, the beaujolais wines could only be sold after the 15th of December, which was after harvest. Though in 1985, the date of the holiday was changed to November to take advantage of the marketing the following weekend.

Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau can happen outside of France, with the wine bottles constantly becoming more and more colorful every year. Though for Beaujolais Nouveau in New England, there are plenty 0f places celebrating… Especially the Franco-American Centre, with tickets selling out fast. Come enjoy good company, drinks, and more!