Boss just told you to see the clients in Paris?

Spouse has been collecting travel guides for Monaco?

Kids thinking about college in Quebec?


There are over 50 countries in the world that speak French!  Don’t you want to visit at least one or two?

Come to learn or refresh your knowledge of the French language so you can feel more confident while traveling in a French province or country. This 5-week course is conversation-based to help you gain some confidence while speaking this beautiful language. It provides you basic vocabulary while highlighting some of the cultural differences. Each class will last 2 hours. Here are some themes that will be discussed in class (subject to change):

  1. Crossing the border: introduction, passports, importance of greetings and formalities.
  2. The hotel: Arrival and requests to ensure that your stay will be memorable.
  3. At the bakery/open-air market: local products, metric system, and local currency
  4. At the restaurant: setting, traditional food, ordering, tipping and farewell.
  5. Visiting around the city: Transportation, local amenities, and activities.

No knowledge of French?  No problem!  This is a great way to start!

Must have a minimum of 5 students to run the classes.

Registration Now Open! 

Classes Start February 8th, 2022

Teacher: Christine Lacourse
Class Time: 6 PM to 8 PM
Location: Online.  Teacher will send online code prior to start of class.
Dates: Tuesdays, February 8th, 2022 to March 8th, 2022


Members: $150

Non-members: $185*

*please note:  This does NOT include a membership.


For more information, please contact the French Classes Coordinator, [email protected].