How Money Works for Teens

Date(s) - 05/27/2020
1:00 pm


Did you know that the first Credit Union in the United States was St. Mary’s Bank of Manchester? St. Mary’s Cooperative Credit Association (now named St. Mary’s Bank) was founded by French-speaking immigrants on November 24, 1908.  Attorney Joseph Boivin managed the credit union, as a volunteer, out of his home in the evenings. America’s Credit Union Museum now occupies the location of Boivin’s home, where St. Mary’s Bank first operated.

Being able to save and manage money is just as important today as it was for immigrants who came to the US (and still do) looking for opportunities and financial freedom.

This is why Financial literacy is so important.  Understanding how money works is key to reaching financial (and life) goals.  Basic financial literacy can help students start on the right foot and avoid many costly mistakes.

Join financial analyst and teacher, Sonia Prince, on May 27th at 1 pm for this free workshop.  She will introduce Teens to the following topics:

  • Rules to the money game
  • Setting goals
  • To save, or not to save? Pay yourself first.
  • Budget basics
  • Cultivating smart shoppers
  • Compound interest: working for or against you



Workshop is best suited for teens 15 to 19 years old.


Must register by May 26th, 9 pm to participate.  Link and password will be sent prior to start on May 27th.

Questions? [email protected]



Bookings are closed for this event.