Date(s) - 03/02/2016
3:00 pm

UNH Durham


On March 2nd, 2016, Quebec rapper Webster will be in Concert at UNH-Durham at the MUB Entertainment Center – ground floor.

To find out more about Webster, click here for his website.


Come discover French hip-hop in Québec with Aly Ndiaye, aka Webster. One of the official ambassadors for Québec’s Black History Month, Webster will speak about his experiences and treat us to a mini concert.

The Event will take place at the Memorial Union Building (MUB) Entertainment Center at the ground floor.  MUB is located at the corner of Main Street and Quad Way.


Aly Ndiaye, known as Webster, is born and raised in the neighborhood of Limoilou in Québec. His father is from Senegal and his mother is from Quebec. He has always been proud of his heritage and considers himself a “SénéQueb”.

He is a militant hip-hop et anti-racist and is very involved in educating others is a variety of subjects including multiculturism and the impact of hip-hop amongst youths.  His preferred theme is history and the role of African Americans in Quebec and Canada since the beginning for the 17th century.

Since 2009, he travels the world teaching French writing utilizing rap as his medium. He has visited several US universities including Harvard, Howard and M.I.T.

Watch a clip here.

This event is taking place as part of UNH Durham’s Francophone Week which is sponsored by the Délégation du Québec à Boston and the Centre franco-américain / Franco-American Centre in Manchester, NH and UNH French Club ad OSIL.