There are many options available for accessing French Language television programming via the internet.  Below are steps to take advantage of some French-Canadian (and French) TV resources online.  Check back regularly as we will be adding links and content.

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Les Nouvelles / News

Following the news is a great way to feel more connected to other French-speaking people. As you become invested in their goings-on, you really get into it, and suddenly you’re not just learning about the names of people, places and events — you’re immersed!

Montréal Midday News – Téléjournal Midi

Téléjournal Midi is aired from Montréal everyday at noon and can be watched immediately after recording on their episode listing page:

Sherbrooke Evening News – Téléjournal Estrie

Two professionally-dressed women, Chantal Rivest and Marie Eve Lacas, standing side-by-side smiling at the camera

Téléjournal Estrie

Don’t lose touch with the events just over the border in Sherbrooke and the surrounding region, by watching Téléjournal Estrie, which airs everyday at 6:00pm and can be watched immediately after recording on their episode listing page.

There are broadcasts for other major regions of Québec:

As well as Acadia

Up-to-the-Minute News – RDI

If you can’t wait for a news program at a dedicated time, RDI broadcasts news throughout the day (including Téléjournal).

Just visit their site, click “EN DIRECT” at the top of the page

The header of RDI website, with an arrow pointing at the words "en direct"and click the stream labeled “ICI RDI”

La Réligion

A stylized drawing of the dome and upper portion of L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-RoyalL’oratoire du Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal broadcasts a mass everyday on YouTube.

Go to and choose the video for the day you want. They stream at 9:30am on Sunday and 8:30am every other day.

If you click on it before the stream starts, just wait and it will begin automatically (there will be a countdown timer letting you know when it begins.


Netflix makes it easy to find French language programming as either TV shows or movies. To locate their French language catalog, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “English” in the second selection box and choose “French” or “French Canadian”
  3. Choose what you want to watch!
  4. Once it’s playing you may need to click the speech bubble button to hear the original French instead of dubbed English

The Browse by Language page on Netflix with "French Canadian" selectedt

Manchester Community  TV was there!

Not able to be at the workshop?  Manchester TV recorded it!  Watch the Branché Workshop Recording here

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