Currently Accepting Nominations!


Nominate a fabulous French teacher for the FAC French Teacher of the Year!
Do you know a magnifique et enthousiaste teacher who changes the language and world of French for their students?
Someone who immersed them into the beau French language and culture so much that they forget that they were even in a classroom? Someone who makes learning French important and fun?
Nominate that teacher for the FAC French Teacher of the Year to allow all of their hard work to be recognized, and to show how many lives they’ve changed through the education of French!

The ideal FAC French Teacher of the Year:

• Currently teaching French K-12

• Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching French

• Uses excellent teaching practices

• Promotes and supports the profession through advocacy, professional development, mentoring, etc.

• Member of an association for teachers or for French speakers (such as AATF, NHAWLT, FAC)

Nominate Magnifique French Teachers here:

Edith Takantjas
French Teacher of the Year, 2018