October 31st: the time of year where children dress up in costumes, going out with friends, or parents, around the neighborhood knocking on doors and receiving a trick…. Or a treat! Halloween is a unique holiday, where kids, and adults, get to enjoy something sweet while spending time together in amusing or silly costumes alike.

However, in other countries like France don’t take Halloween, as seriously on their side of the Atlantic—Halloween tends to be a hit with the younger kids, whereas the elder generation just puts out minor decorations, like pumpkins, and Halloween decorations such as witches, ghosts, etc., though despite the excitement growing amongst the people of Paris, many citizens hope that the fun, costume-oriented holiday will become more of an attraction in later years and keep growing with its current popularity, according to The Locale, French newspaper.

Aside from France, other countries such as Belgium, celebrate Halloween in a much similar fashion—they host Halloween parties, take the younger generation trick-or treating, complete with costumes, and mildly decorate for the occasion at hand, though that doesn’t mean they don’t ever get into the holiday spirit!