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The American-Canadian Genealogical Society (ACGS) is considered the leader in French-Canadian, Franco-American and Acadian Genealogy.  Its mission is to:


        •  Foster the study of ancestral origins
        •  Encourage research into the history of families
        •  Foster high standards of ethics for genealogical research
        •  Provide a common access by and for individuals of Acadian, French-Canadian and Franco American origin.

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Hosted by Jesse Martineau and Mike Campbell, this Podcast is dedicated to celebrating the stories of the more than 2 million descendants of French-Canadian immigrants living in New England.

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Dr. Patrick Lacroix, Historian, is a former Fulbright fellow and a former instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy. He has also taught at postsecondary institutions in New Hampshire, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.  As a scholar of U.S. religious history, Dr. Lacroix studies faith-based activism and its role in twentieth-century political realignments.

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