As many Franco-American events are coming closer… We have a surprise for you!

Give a warm “bonjour!” to the Franco American Center’s mascots… Claude and Claudette!


Anne Hatin, a Granite State ambassador, created mascots George and Georgette (later creating Claude and Claudette) after receiving a Flat Stanley from her niece to take with her on a trip. Upon returning from her trip, she realized how neat it was to have a mascot to represent the Granite State ambassadors while they traveled! After much brainstorming, she created her mascots, George and Georgette.

The new and loved Claude and Claudette came to be when one of our members, Maurice, approached Anne about making some mascots for the Franco-American Center! After much research was done by Anne, as well as consulting the FACNH for their names… Claude and Claudette were made!


In an interview with Anne Hatin, here are some fun facts about our adorable mascots:


  1. When asked about their personalities, Anne says that Claude and Claudette are sassy, but youthful and optimistic about the world and are very similar to her George and Georgette.



  1. Claude and Claudette’s names are of French origin, according to Anne, and their names match because they were just too cute, and they fit them.


  1. Anne says that Claude and Claudette are twins! Spot the adorable duo on our letterhead as well as our business cards!




Our new mascots are adorable! Be on the lookout for them and more events!