Become a paid member of the Franco-American Centre and benefit from specific access and services.

Basic Memberships

Senior (65+)
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Discounted Admission to FAC events † Check Check Check Check
Discounted French Gifts (e.g. books, CD’s, apparel) Check Check Check Check
Admission to Members-Only Events † Check Check Check Check
Tax-deductible dues Check Check Check Check

† Event tickets must be requested in advance of the event to reserve your place.

Sustaining Memberships

Sustaining members help to promote the FAC mission while providing crucial operating support.

Sustaining members will receive all Basic benefits plus…




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Franco Bucks

(good for FAC purchases)

$10 $25 $50 $100

25% off one class

50% off one class

1 Free Class per year

Tickets for each travel raffle

1 2


Franco Bucks are credits (worth $1 each) applicable to event admission, class tuition, or gift purchases.

Class discounts may be applied towards a single class during each membership year.

Travel Raffle Tickets give you an automatic chance at winning each travel raffle during the year.

NOTE: Sustaining Member benefits are transferable! Buy your neighbour an event ticket, “gift” a class discount to your child (or grandchild), or send a friend on a trip you won! All of these options are possible! Contact the FAC office for details.