We at the FAC are very lucky to have amazing interns who work with us.  We strive to create a rich, creative and fun work environment for them and all of our volunteers.  Below is a post from one of our most recent interns, Rebecca Leboeuf, currently a sophomore at SNHU.  Thank you Rebecca!


Merci et au Revoir

By Rebecca LeBoeuf rebeccaleboeuf

My internship experience at the Franco-American Centre (FAC) meant more to me than 150 hours worth of work that translated to three credits towards my degree. It was an entirely new experience for me and an opportunity for me to utilize what I have learned in the classroom in the real world.

I have just completed my sophomore year at Southern New Hampshire University where I am pursuing a communication degree with a double minor in graphic design and professional writing. The Communication Internship at the FAC was my first internship, and one that I will always remember.

In a non-profit that is mostly run by volunteers, I really got to see the devotion the group of people have to the FAC, its members, and the French culture. I got to see people come together and make great events happen.

The greatest part about this internship is that as much as I was helping John and the FAC, John was helping me even more. He based the projects I worked on off of my major and my interests. This helped me gain hands-on experience in my field for the first time, and helped me to see the aspects of my major that I like and dislike. This has helped me narrow in on a dream job, when prior to this internship I did not have the slightest idea as to what I would do after graduation.

My time at the FAC has greatly improved my graphic design skills, honed my writing skills, and allowed for collaboration with the other interns and the rest of the FAC team. I have seen my graphic design projects appear on the FAC website, and the newsletter I designed and wrote distributed to people. I have received feedback on almost everything I have done for the FAC, which has helped me improve my graphic design and writing skills.

The FAC has been an incredible place to intern. I have formed connections with the people I worked with, learned more about the French culture, picked up some French words and phrases, and gained experience in my field that I will carry with me wherever I end up going.

Merci et au Revoir!

Interested in interning or volunteering with the FAC, please email [email protected] or go to https://facnh.com/support/volunteer/