Over the past several years, there has been remarkable new interest in ancestry research. DNA home test kits and genealogy websites are leading people to uncover the story of their families` histories.

In NH, that story is more likely to involve French ancestry more than any other group. In fact, Granite Staters have a nearly 1 in 4 chance, higher than any other state, that they will discover French in their family tree.

These are not just dull numbers. They hint at a story. How did that French get there? What effects on the broader culture has it left? How do people identify with it today?

Part of the mission of the Franco-American Centre is to be here when people begin to understand the French influence in their own lives, and help them to become more in touch with it.

Over the last 29 years, we’ve run a French language school, held speaker events, and exhibitions of art and film. These, and more, have served to tell the tales of adversity and success that give context to the modern Franco-American presence.

The Franco-American Centre celebrates the present day as well. We hold food festivals (NH PoutineFest, Beaujolais Nouveau Gala), monthly discussion groups, and straight-up parties (Mardi Gras, Soirée Noël). We are working to enliven the culture we’ve inherited, and we’re having fun doing it!

If you’re reading this and you’re just discovering your own French ancestry, or just developing an interest in French, bienvenue! We welcome you to discover what we offer! Follow us on Facebook. Come to our events.

If you’re already aware of the FAC and are committed to seeing the community goes on for generations to come, then I’m asking for your help.

The activities of an organization like the FAC don’t just happen. They depend on the contributions of volunteers, sponsors and donors.

If you’re a regular attendee to an event, I encourage you to ask the organizer how you can help. From simple chores like setting up to following your muse and starting a whole new activity, the FAC depends on people! If time is difficult to spare, please consider a monthly pledge.

If you are in business, we would be happy to spread the message of your brand at our events and via our online channels. Please contact [email protected] to start a conversation.

Merci beaucoup et j’ai hâte de vous voir à nos événements!

Joe Theriault
President, Franco-American Centre