Advanced Conversation 2 Part 1


Formerly Advanced French Grammar and Conversation


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The Advanced French Conversation 2 classes (Part 1 fall and Part 2 spring) were created to follow the Advanced French Conversation 1 classes (Part 1 and 2) or its equivalent.
Focus of this class will be on creating speaking and listening opportunities for students to use and manipulate the French they have learned.  Readings will be used to expand vocabulary and as a catalyst for oral discussions.
This is a pivotal stage of language development when students will strive to move from the comfort of learned material to the challenging world of creating language to express their personal needs, feelings and opinions in French.  The student’s ultimate goal is toward spontaneous conversation and discussion and to understand, speak, read and write in order to interact with native speakers.
Although the focus of this class is on speaking, grammatical issues will be discussed as they arise since the curriculum for this class will be created to meet the specific needs of the current students.
Prerequisite:  Advanced French Conversation 1, Part 1 and 2 or its equivalent.
No text is required , however, a good French/English dictionary is required (virtual or text).

More details on the Advanced French Classes page

No text is required however a good French/English dictionary is required.

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