Written by Kaleb Houle-Lawrence – high school Intern

Winter in Québec is incomplete without the Carnaval, which typically runs from late January to early February over a span of 17 days. Over the course of Carnaval, guests can experience the historic city of Québec through the lens of celebration. Carnaval is the largest winter festival in the world, attracting over a million tourists and citizens annually. For children in Québec, Carnaval is comparable to Christmas. Many of the symbols of Carnaval are among the most important to Québecois children, specifically Bonhomme Carnaval. This festival is a crucial part of Canada’s economic prosperity as well, having been re-developed in the 1950s to specifically facilitate the economy following The Great Depression. Québec is one of the few walled cities left on the continent, and considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. Over the years, Carnaval has adapted to attract more people and immerse attendants in a full Canadian experience, but its French roots are always a central focus. 

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