French Presidential Politics – An Introduction

Since Lafayette solidified the French-American friendship during the American Revolution, US citizens have looked towards the French government with alternating feelings of admiration and antipathy.  Exploring the unique characteristics of the French system provides an understanding of how France has remained so pivotal in Western politics for centuries.

One of these unique characteristics is the French presidency. Observers have noted that the French president is uniquely powerful compared to other heads of state in Western countries. In this standalone course, learn about the basics of France’s presidential system and how successive presidents have shaped and disrupted France’s political system, from Charles De Gaulle’s vision of the president as an ‘homme providentiel’ to Emmanuel Macron’s historic rupture of a two-party dominated system.

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Teacher: Noah Ouellette
Class Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Virtual via Zoom. Login information will be sent to registrants
Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Noah Ouellette has been the Public Affairs officer at the French Consulate in Boston since 2019. He previously served as the assistant to the French Consul general from 2018-2019. He received a degree in International Affairs from George Washington University in 2017. His senior thesis was written on the impact of foreign affairs on French presidential elections.