The Franco-American Centre serves as the focal point for celebrating French language, culture and heritage in NH.  Located on the historic campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, the Centre organizes language classes, movies, exhibits, trips and cultural events to promote the richness of the region’s French-speaking and French heritage communities.

Our sponsors are an integral part of our success in fulfilling our mission.  We currently offer two (2) sponsorship opportunities :   NHPoutineFest and Franco Foods.

What is the NH PoutineFest?


NH PoutineFest is currently the largest celebration of poutine in the United States! Restaurants from all over New England entice attendees with their spin on their Québécois treasure. At its core, NH PoutineFest is a culturally inspired sampling event. Attendees get a healthy scoop of various poutines and vote for their favorite. The winner is crowned “Best Poutine of the Fest” and gets to raise the Ceinture de Championnat / Championship Belt. Beyond sampling poutine, attendees and vendors alike get to enjoy live music and a celebration of French-Canadian culture.

This years PoutineFest will take place October 14th at the beautiful Anheuser Busch grounds in Merrimack, NH.

For sponsorship details, download the following : NHPoutineFest-2023-Sponsorship-Final.pdf (158 downloads)

For more information, please contact:
John Tousignant – Executive Director
Franco-American Centre
[email protected]

What is Franco Foods?

Featured on NH Chronicle! (January 26th, 2022)


Franco Foods is a cooking channel dedicated to discovering the World of French-inspired foods and cultures one bite at a time. The series is hosted by Nathalie Hirte who learned to cook at her mother’s side while growing up in Quebec. She remains an avid home cook and baker, and is the office manager of the Franco-American Centre. Nathalie loves to share her mother’s recipes as well as memories from her childhood. In short, Franco Foods not only celebrates the variety of foods of the Francophonie, but also the culture, history and personal stories that connects us to these foods.

Since our featured segment on NH Chronicle, our visibility and following has grown exponentially.

Find Franco Foods YouTube Channel by typing Franco Foods in the YT search bar or click this link : Franco Foods

For sponsorship details, download the following : FrancoFoods-2022-Sponsorship-Packet-Final.pdf (429 downloads)


For more information, please contact:
Nathalie Boucher Hirte – Office Manager
Franco-American Centre
[email protected]